Minim Kickstarter Campaign Ends, Just Misses 400% Stretch Goal

30 Aug 2015


Minim is am iPhone-sized bluetooth MIDI controller by Livid Instruments.  To help fund Minim, Livid ran a Kickstarter campaign that came to a close today.


They hit a few stretch goals but fell short of hitting the 400% stretch, which is a bummer because the "reward" for hitting the goal was improved editor software and it sounded really great.  (Hitting the 300% goal got backers that pledged enough for a Minim a custom engraved plate for the back of their device.  Nice, but meh.)


As called out by Livid folks on the Kickstarter campaign page, the big challenge for them is writing excellent software to support the hardware.

Our challenge is in developing an app that allows Minim to be played and paired with the maximum number of music creation apps. Our software team is working diligently to develop an app that is fun to play as soon as you unbox the Minim and allows you all the flexibility needed to control the numerous apps available for iOS.

I'm looking forward to following their updates through the rest of the year.  And hopefully in early 2016 Minim will be a great addition to the iOS ecosystem.