Seaboard RISE from Roli

09 Sep 2015

Roli's been counting down to a big announcement and today they announced the Seaboard RISE.

It's a compact expressive controller with 25 "keywaves" and, of course, it supports a variety of touch interactions that work with MIDI MPE.

Roli's taking pre-orders on their site and will start shipping on October 9.  The RISE is selling for $799 making it one of the most accessible of the current batch (eg, Linnstrument, Soundplane) of expressive controllers.  The RISE ships with Equator, Roli's synth engine that supports MPE, as well as an admin app for updating firmware, configuring MIDI settings, etc.  Read more at their RISE store page and also check out the write up over at Create Digital Music.

All in all, the RISE looks like a beautiful instrument.