ROLI Acquires Blend

23 Oct 2015

I wrote about Blend awhile back in part 1 of my making music on the web posts.  (You can read about that here.)

In that post I looked at a few collaborative music platforms: Splice, Kompoz, and Blend.  Of the 3, Blend looked the most interesting.  One of the reasons is that it supports a broad set of DAWs (including Bitwig Studio!) and lets you use stem files if your DAW isn't supported natively.

Today, ROLI, maker of the expressive Seaboard RISE controller, announced that it has acquired Blend.  It's an interesting move and, considering that ROLI also acquired JUCE, gives ROLI a wide breadth of coverage across the hardware, software, and online worlds.  JUCE is a fundamental part of ROLI's Equator synth that complements the Seaboard controllers, and I'm curious to see how ROLI uses the new Blend acquisition to support its larger strategy.