Helm Version 0.6 Released

30 Dec 2015

It's great to see Matt Tytel continuing to work on his open source synth, Helm.  It came in at #3 in the best free instruments of 2015 list over at Bedroom Producer's Blog, and it's the best free soft synth release I've come across this year.

helm-v.6 Helm version 0.6 sporting a new built-in keyboard


Last night Matt announced version .6 with a few enhancements and a bunch of fixes.  Download helm binaries here and find the source code on GitHub.

List of 0.6 changes:

  • Performance improvements!
  • Added a graphical keyboard!
  • Added third envelope
  • Reorganized layout and new colors, what do you think?
  • Replaced oscillator "Mix" parameter with a full oscillator mixer
  • Added update checking
  • Added patch changing through MIDI
  • Added some more patches
  • Fixed 'zippering' and 'buzzing' with weird buffer sizes and bouncing audio
  • Fixed portamento still affecting sound when off
  • Fixed some problems with presets in different DAWs
  • Fixed automation issues on tempo parameters
  • Fixed unison phasing at beginning of note
  • Fixed latency when reverb was enabled
  • Fixed some Windows 64bit patch loading/saving problems
  • Fixed Windows missing MSVCP110.dll problem
  • When reopening the plugin GUI, Helm now shows the current patch and folder
  • JACK MIDI input is now labeled "Helm"
  • Better starting phases for unison voices
  • Fixed some other small bugs no one probably (hopefully) noticed