Minim Music Lab

18 Mar 2016

Last year Livid Instruments launched a Kickstarter for a mobile-friendly bluetooth MIDI controller called Minim.

minim-small Minim is a small form factor, bluetooth MIDI controller.

Yesterday they released a few videos for backers showing the Mimim Music Lab, a companion iOS app for laying down tracks with a Minim.  I'm hoping we'll get some details on the editor software soon and it would be awesome to see a MIDI spec, similar to what Ableton did recently by publishing the Push 2 MIDI interface on GitHub.  (You can read more about that via their GitHub repo and CDM did a nice write-up on it.)  In fact, Livid already has a well-organized Wiki describing how their hardware works so it seems reasonable to assume that they'll add a page for Minim when it releases.

Watching the videos, the Minim hardware is solid (Livid has a strong track record here), and with good supporting software it's looking like a great compact mobile controller.

Here's a short video introducing the Minim Music Lab app.

And here's another video showing Mayur Jumani flash some serious finger drumming chops on a Minim while playing melodic lines on a KMI K-board (another great controller for mobile setups).