Stuff I've Been Doing with Music

08 Mar 2017

Despite not posting for awhile, I've been pretty busy with music-related projects.

I've become more interested in programmatic composition and have spent some time with SuperCollider and a Scala API for SuperCollider called ScalaCollider.

I've also started looking at AudioKit for audio programming for Mac/iOS.  The audio engine for AudioKit is an open source library called SoundPipe, and reading about it I discovered a cool little audio language called Sporth.  I don't have the hang of writing Sporth patches quite yet but it looks like a nice language for experimenting with sound design.

Then there's Bitwig Studio 2.0.  I participated in their beta test program and upgraded to v2 last week.  I haven't spent too much time with it yet, but the new interface is growing on me.  They've streamlined the UI quite a bit and the new modulation system is a lot of fun.  I noticed that the Arturia BeatstepPro script I wrote awhile ago doesn't work in 2.0 so I've got to spend some time debugging that at some point.


Bitwig Studio v1


Bitwig Studio v2 - familiar but streamlined


And last but certainly not least I've been working with Peter Kirn and James Grahame on a project that I'm excited to write more about soon!