Month in Music Tech, April 2017

12 Apr 2017

With some regularity I come across things that look interesting and then forget where I saw them when I finally get around to checking them out.  To mitigate this I'm going to try keeping a running list of stuff that catches my eye in monthly "grab bag" posts.

Here's my list over the last few weeks.


Modular synthesizer software built with Pure Data.

Automatonism from Automatonism on Vimeo.



Highly cross-platform modular synthesizer and sequencer.  Updated with JavaScript implementation that uses



Supercollider client written in JavaScript.


Audiobus 3

New version of Audiobus.  Has a built-in mixer and enhanced MIDI routing/filtering functionality.



The JUCE audio SDK is now available for free (up to $50k in annual revenue) under a personal license.

Looks like they've got lots of good tutorials.  I might take a crack at their VST plugin tutorial.  I had been thinking about doing some work with AudioKit but might try out JUCE first.