PUSH TURN MOVE looks like a beautiful book about electronic instruments

27 Oct 2017

I saw a post about PUSH TURN MOVE a couple of weeks ago on Synth Anatomy (which is looking a lot more polished these days!).

It looks like a beautiful coffee table book and great reference for electronic musical instruments.  I don't have a copy but am tempted to pick one up for fun and inspiration.  In addition to covering hardware interfaces it looks like the book also examines software-based instruments and mobile applications in particular.  It'd be cool to see these instruments, their development, and approaches to interface put into a historical/evolutionary context.

Definitely on my wish list.

There was a joystick on my Korg K25 keyboard. It wasn't especially useful.


The Kaoss Pad is an awesome instrument, put to great effect by Radiohead and Matt Bellamy of Muse.