There's a new album for C64 SID chip fans

23 Dec 2017

Update, 12/29/2017: Koen sent a note on Twitter mentioning that the album can be pre-ordered at

Back in March, Koen De Brabander launched a Kickstarter to create an album in tribute to the C64 SID chip.  Earlier this week the album, SID Waves, was released.  More than being a tribute to the C64, it's a throwback to 80s synth pop music.

The album is made with synths from the era plus, of course, the SID.  The result is an album that fits right in with the music of the period.  The SID sounds are recognizable yet the songs are much more than chip tunes.  It's really an 80s synth pop album with the SID playing a complementary role rather than being the star in its own right.

Here's a video overview of the album. A few tracks from the album are available on bandcamp at and hopefully the full album will be available to non-backers soon.



Congrats to Koen and crew on the great music!  For more C64 SID fun have a look at C64 Audio, and for fans of the C64 in general be sure to check out Changing the world 8 bits at a time on Kickstarter.