TX Modular is a Modular Synth Built with Supercollider

08 Feb 2018

I've played around with SuperCollider and ScalaCollider, a Scala API that sits on top of SuperCollider.

I've also tried out LNX_Studio, a DAW written in SuperCollider.

And recently I've learned about TX Modular, a graphical modular synth written in SuperCollider.

A screenshot from TX Modular, a modular synth built with SuperCollider

I read about TX Modular on Create Digital Music a couple of days ago and wanted to make a note of it here as something to remember.  TX Modular is quite old, as indicated by the source code on GitHub but it still looks like an interesting project.  I've dabbled in SuperCollider and PureData and haven't developed more of a superficial understanding of both.  I like the immediacy of code in SuperCollider but the community and ubiquity of PureData is hard to ignore.

Anyway, TX Modular looks like a fun way to spend a rainy winter afternoon.