Twangin' with Jim Campilongo

30 Jun 2020

I've been listening to a lot of Jim Campilongo lately. In addition to combing through his albums on Spotify, I've gone through a couple of his lessons, which are pretty excellent. They're not video based but each lesson comes with tablature and audio files (explanations and breakdowns of all the lesson material). I thought I'd miss written music accompanying the tab but the format actually works well. If you're an intermediate or advanced player I recommend checking out a lesson or two.

Jim also has some content on Patreon. Looks like a mix of guitar musings with some shorter lessons and playing tips. I haven't gotten around to checking that out yet as I've been enjoying the standalone lessons.

Even if you're not a guitarist, if you appreciate good musicianship and improvisational music, you might enjoy the music. All his albums are solid, but if you're not sure where to start his latest, Last Night, This Morning, is a good choice.